About Us

  “CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment” (CAS-TWAS CEWE) aims to provide training programme and education services for people from developing countries. It is established in the Research Center for Eco-Environment Science (RCEES), Chinese Academy Science(CAS) at Beijing. The vision of CEWE is through the training , education and joint research programs to assistant developing world in human resource capacity building in the field of water and environment, as well as providing practical solution for water and other environmental problems. CEWE offers training program twice each year in the way of lecture teaching, on-the-spot investigation and lab training. The CEWE graduate programme provide funding to excellent ph.D and M.S candidates. In order to sharing and transferring the technology relate to water quality and environment, the cooperation program and international conference are included in the main activities of CAS-TWAS CEWE.